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Fiber Machine Line

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Fiber Machine Line ( 2 lines )

⇒  Fiber Line


⇒  Bale Pressed


⇒ Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber


Raw Material

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PET recycled raw materials

⇒  PET Press Bottle


⇒  Hot Wash Bottle Conveyor


PET bottle flakes





⇒  PET Filament


⇒  Corn Chip Filament


PET recycled chip (popcorn type)


Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber

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Denier & Cutting length

⇒  Denier ( 6D, 15D, 20D, 23D )

⇒  Cutting length ( 25mm, 32mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm )


Packing & Shipment

⇒  Packing in PP Non Woven with PET strap banded

  • 250kgs pressed bale, pet strapping banded
  • 200kgs pressed bale, pet strapping banded for siliconized fiber or 20D above or for 20′ container FCL



⇒  Shipment

  • 10.600 kgs / 1 x 20 FCL ( with packaging 200kgs/bale )
  • 22.000 kgs / 1 X 40 FCL ( with packaging 250kgs/bale )
  • 24.000 kgs / 1 X 40 FCL ( with packaging 250kgs/bale for 6D – 15D )



Usage of Fibers

⇒  Carpet (industrial, automobile interior)

⇒  Fillers (toys, bedding)

⇒  Geo textile

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About us

Global Fiberindo is a manufacturer of fiber made from recycled plastics, based in Indonesia Banten region’s Tangerang Industrial Complex. The company was founded in 1998 extensive Korean technical know-how.


We are one of the largest producer of recycled polyester staple fiber in Indonesia, manufacturing an average of 1,000 tons of fiber per month. We have over 150 employees.

We serve our customers located in regions all across the globe. In 2006, we installed a PET flake cleaning and processing system, enabling us to fully meet our own internal raw material needs. In addition, we deal and sell a wide range of raw materials related to recycled plastics, including PET popcorn and filament.

In the current age of heightened global concern for the environment, it is PT. Global Fiberindo’s goal to pursue an eco-friendly growth. We are fully committed to becoming the leader in the recycled plastics industry.